Change the Way Electronics are Designed!

We are looking for electronics experts to join the beta testing program for our new CELUS design automation platform. Quickly find the components and circuits you need and eliminate tedious, manual worksteps in your electronics design process. Apply now to be among the first electronics engineers to experience this exciting new technology!

CELUS PowerDriver Program Guide

Program Guide

Be a CELUS Power Driver

By getting your hands on new technology ahead of everyone else, you will further raise your reputation as an electronics expert. Our program guide gives you a detailed overview of the CELUS Power Driver program.

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What's in it for you?

Benefits of the Program

Beta testing has many advantages for you professionally and personally. Check them out!

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We are just a few weeks away from giving you access to our new technology and look forward to kicking off the process with some exclusive training offerings for you.

Should you not make it to the first batch of beta users, don't worry!

You will be notified immediately once the program progresses into the next round!